Episode 15 QuinceaƱera Extravaganza Giveaway!
(send your answers to concealedtacodudes@gmail.com to be entered into a giveaway drawing for that specific prize)

1. Name one non-SAAMI cartridge that Taco loads and shoots
Prize: NOE 2 Cavity Bullet Mould
2. In Taco’s Black Widow Haiku Video, he said to treat them with “………..”
Prize: Buckeye Targets 10″ gong with the famous A-Stand hanging kit
3. What is the discount code for magholder.com and what is the percentage you will save?
Prize: Magholder Package
4. What did Taco use to cut the BCG for the prototype gun for the bolt-action AR15 Upper?
Prize: Bolt-Action AR Pistol Upper
5. What caliber/cartridge is featured in Taco’s hit rap song?
Prize: Buckeye Targets Paper targets and knuckle duster/bottle opener package
6. The TacWare titanium grappling hook was featured in what TV show with a female protagonist?
Prize: TacWare TW-350 Flashlight
7. What type of magazines did Jason’s first Keltec Sub 2000 use?
Prize: Concealment Solutions complete holster package
8. Which company oppresses Carl and Stan (especially during the holiday season)?
Prize: NOE & Concealment Solutions Tshirt package
9. What do the letters “NOE” stand for?
Prize: NOE 4 cavity mould

Coupon codes for our viewers:
flt001 to use for 10% off at noebulletmoulds.com
ctdradio to use for 15% off at concealmentsolutions.com
taco to use for 10% off at buckeyetargets.com
TACO10 to use for 10% off at tacware.com
getinthevanihavecandy to use for a “significant discount” magholder.com